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She Sells Radio

Dec 29, 2020

This week on She Sells Radio, Elyse is sitting down with an award-winning interior designer, successful business owner, and single mom of four. This superhero’s name is Camara Jackson, and this week she is breaking down how she built her wealth through intentional relationship building, how we can overcome the fear of promoting ourselves on social media, all while being a full-time mom.


Camara’s journey started in her earlier twenties when she shifted from her career in property management. She moved to Florida where she worked in the DCOTA, with some networking and showing off her talent as a designer, she found herself working with some amazing people. When she moved again to North Carolina and had four kids, she realized she couldn’t work for someone else.


Getting started wasn’t easy. Camara grappled with the classic stressful feeling: “Why would anyone want to work with me?” But, once she got her foot in the door, it was off to the races. When she combined her high-ticket client base with some social media work, magic happened and she was able to scale her relationships into a business. 


Relationships are at the foundation of Camara’s growth. Getting on a certain level with clients is essential--there are aspects of dialing into a person on an emotional plane that will allow you to connect in a meaningful way. Perspective is important, especially when you’re a big part of this person’s life. Sometimes you know about their personal lives, their families, their fears, and their aspirations. Don’t forget that! She doesn’t recommend sending an assistant to meet with clients. Setting expectations at the outset of a relationship is important with high-ticket sales. There will be highs and lows, but there will always be a positive outcome. 


Camara’s relationship with sales has evolved over the years. Going door to door and cold calling aren’t her comfort zone. She relies on finding something she can relate to. People gravitate to those who they relate to the most, so be that person on social media! She learned to market herself on social media by realizing that people can see through the B.S. Clients have seen her cry! Be authentic and show clients that you’re in it for the long haul. 


Getting over the hurdle of anxiety surrounding self-promotion is a hard one. It’s difficult to grapple with the idea that you’re posting yourself for everyone to see! The truth is, no one views you as narcissistic. People crave connection--and that means with you! If they know you’re a real person, they’ll know you’re relatable. Analytics show that pictures of ourselves perform better than others. Post those pictures--you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to connect. Imposter syndrome will exist, but just do it! 


When growing her business, Camara reminds us to look for quality and to be okay with giving trust to others. You CAN charge more and have fewer clients, saving time and effort while making more money.