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She Sells Radio

Jan 19, 2021

Today’s episode is something a little bit different. Elyse is sharing a clip from her Weekly Sales Accelerator group. The session was all about selling the feminine way--a way that feels good to us women. Elyse is breaking down the 5 superpowers of the woman sales leader and how you can apply them to your own work. If you like what you hear, head over to!


The Sells Framework is based on 5 superpowers a woman in sales leadership has that can help break through six figures in a natural, organic way. This is where quantum leaps happen.


The first superpower is systems. The female sales leader has amazing systems in place and is well supported by them. Using a calendar in place of a to-do allows you to leave space for creativity, family, fun, and relaxation between the critical meetings. Dedicating time in your calendar for each task, even if it isn’t directly related to bringing in income, will give you the timeline to get ahead and keep things under control. Things like scripts can be written on your time, with your creativity, for your uses. They are there for support, not to be stifling--so make sure yours is ready for you. 


The next superpower a woman in sales has is that she educates. She educates herself and her customer. Knowing how money works is key to accomplishing your goals as a sales leader, so learning how to maximize your work and make sure you’re hitting goals is critically important. Understand what it takes knowledge-wise to be an expert in your space and powerfully serve your customer. Also, educate yourself on how you’re wired! You need to know how you work to work in a way that feels good to you.  When you educate your customer, sharing everything you know, one bite at a time, is a great way to teach your customers what you’re about and how much you know. People don’t pay for information. They pay for organization and application of that information. Google can give them information, but it can’t tell them how to apply it. Don’t think about “how much will they pay me to give them information.” Consider how you can make the information you know useful to a potential client or customer. 

Next, is the ability to listen. This superpower isn’t JUST listening--it’s the ability to get out of our own heads and be present, unattached to them becoming a customer or not. Instead, it’s attached to understanding you can help them achieve a higher good. It’s about hearing the question behind the question or the objection behind the objection. Getting into the conversation of “is this a must?” If it is, they will find a way to do it. You’re listening to hear if you’re a good fit for them AND if they are a good fit for you. 


The fourth superpower is that she loves. Learning to love the people you’re serving every day is truly unique and powerful. Really allow yourself to hope for the best in your client’s life. Have your goal to be an ally for them in achieving their goals. From there, the conversation becomes holistic and better for everyone involved. See them as a brother or sister--you helping them is you helping you. 


The final superpower a woman has in sales is that she surrenders. You get to be attached to the “what” but not the “how” in sales. You can be incredibly confident in knowing you’ll get to whatever the “what” is, but you don’t get to decide the “who” or “how” it happens. The power to sit back and understand that you’ll have your conversations you need to have to reach goals while not worrying about who is meant to be your client. Either way, you’re going to be present and do your part--from there, the right people will say yes.