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She Sells Radio

Apr 6, 2021

This week on She Sells Radio, Elyse is sitting down with her good friend and mentor, Rory Vaden. Rory is a NYT bestselling author, has been inducted into the Speaker Hall of Fame, and is the co-founder of Brand Builders Group. Today, he is breaking down how to sell with honesty and integrity, how to hit your first six figures in sales, how to master your mindset with sales, and how to overcome any fear in selling. Elyse and Rory will touch on masculine v.s. feminine approaches to sales and much, much more. 


To kick off this episode, Rory talks a bit about what he’s learned from his wife, AJ (check out episode 86 of Instant Impact!). One of the slogans at Brand Builders Groups is “reputation precedes revenue.” That is, in no small part, inspired by AJ. She built her career on the idea that she would do whatever her clients needed, regardless of if she was going to be paid for it. When you do that, eventually you are paid very well for it. You are always paid for how hard you work, either now or later. The biggest mistake people make is being self-centered followed closely by thinking in the short term. What AJ does, is constantly thinking about what is in her client’s best interest in the long term. 


Rory has had the life squeezed out of him and treated like it didn’t matter in a professional sales situation. The point is, your reputation follows you even after you leave. It’s not worth ruining your reputation as a salesperson for a place that isn’t giving you the compensation you deserve. People don’t care where you work when they trust you. This doesn’t mean don’t close the sale, it means that you should work hard enough to find enough people who need your product right now. Being service-centered isn’t permission to be a weenie, it’s permission to help people make the decision that is best for them. Sometimes it’s yes, sometimes it’s no. Never is it maybe, and never is it ‘buy because I need you to.’ 


Rory’s message to people trying to break that six-figure mark: you need to work harder. The question is, are you looking for an excuse to justify why you’re not there? The reality is, you just need to talk to more people. The reputation formula is: results x reach = reputation. It’s not that you have a bad product or are a bad salesperson, it’s that you’re not getting in front of enough people. Do what you need to do to get there. You’re not losing because you don’t know how to write an email, you’re losing because you’re not sending enough emails! 99% of the time, you need to get the word out there. If you have confidence in your ability to talk to 100 people, you should have the confidence that you’ll create a space of abundance. You have to have faith that you will create what you need and not worry about your survival. When you can do that, you allow yourself to sell without trying to use manipulation.  From there, you can free yourself from material need and come from a genuine place of care and intention. When there’s money in the bank, you can stand in selfless service. When you’re afraid of where your next sale will come from or how you’ll pay the bill, you are tempted to do whatever it takes to get the money. If you’re not afraid to go backward, you can bounce back quickly without being attached to things. From Elyse’s perspective, the grind for a woman can lead to burnout and over-exertion. Sometimes, it’s about finding what works best for you. Tap in, and start to feel when it gets too heavy and take a break--even if it’s for two minutes. Know when to pause and reenergize so you can show up as a genuine you. 


Tune in to hear what Rory learned from his mom, and how that impacts him today.



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